Satellite TV Installers – How To Get The Best


You may have heard some horrifying stories about satellite TV installers who while installing the dishes blew off the roof in a light wind, cable holes in walls that lead to water leakage into the house, and improper installations produced lousy TV reception.

So, the point is, how do you actually find a reputable Satellite home automation installer who can do the installation job in the right way?

Firstly, you must know what is involved so that you can ensure that the job is done accurately. And secondly, you must look for service that is aware of what they are doing.

Installation Process

For the best satellite home automation reception you require a clear view. You must ask your installer where the best place to mount the equipment is, and ensure there are no obstructions like buildings or trees blocking the path to the satellite.

If the installer mounts the equipment on a wall of your house or even on the roof, ensure the screw holes are properly sealed. If the equipment is to be sealed on the ground, you need to make certain that they use a metal post. And ensure the equipment is grounded to your house’s electrical ground.

Satellite reception is basically measured by signal strength. Ensure the installer positions the equipment to acquire signal strength of 70 or above.

Cable Installations

The cables that connect the equipment to the receivers will go through a hole on the outside of your house to the inside where you have your Television set. Cables that are on the outside should be secured with clips or staples so that they do not crush away and the holes should be sealed.

Installing The Receiver

The cable will be fed through the interior walls and then connected to the receivers. The installer is going to connect the receiver to the nearest phone jack so that you can easily access the pay-per-view programming.

Once the setup completes, you can always ask your installer to program the remote control so that you can easily operate your TV and receiver.


When the installations are complete, the installer will call up the network provider to activate it and update the service about your programming package. You will have to verify your address along with other details in order to activate the system.

System Instructions

Once your satellite TV has been activated, your installed is needed to show you how it actually operates. They will show you how you can follow the on-screen instructions, locate channels and set up your preferred channels list. You will also learn on the basic trouble shooting procedures.

The best approach to opt for the best satellite home automation installer is to go through a reliable dealer who has installed a good amount of units to know what they are actually doing.

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