Why Manufactured Homes Make Sense


Nothing can beat the excitement of watching your own house emerge from a plot of bare earth, and with the emergence of pre-built kit homes, the reality of having your own home built to meet your specific needs has never been easier to achieve. Kit homes, or modular homes, are pre-constructed in a factory-controlled environment to exact dimensions and engineering specifications for shipment to your Perth area lot or Western Australia location for installation and erection by the contractor of your choice, whether you choose to have your manufacturer or 3rd-party contractor complete the installation or you want to complete the project yourself. Kit and modular homes offer the quality of a manufactured home with flexibility for customisation and affordable prices to suit any budget.

Cost and Quality

With a pre-manufactured kit or modular home, you can afford to customise a design to suit your needs, while benefiting from the quality that only a tightly controlled, factory manufacturing environment can provide. Your home is constructed at the factory where quality control measures are easy to maintain, material and labour waste is minimised, and production efficiency is maximised. These factors make it possible to manufacture high quality homes at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time required for complete, site-built homes. There is no worry about inclement weather, nor the damage it can cause to construction materials and finishes, without the potential for weather delays, material shortages, and other complications that are inherent to site-built homes. If you are looking for kit homes in Perth, WA, just stop by the convenient Fremantle site to see the quality of a manufactured home yourself.

Durability and Pest Resistance

With steel framing and structural piers, there is no timber that may be at risk of damage from termites or other wood-boring pests. Exposed steel piers and posts are easily visible, making it impossible for termites and other pests to bridge from earth to construction materials easily or without notice. With robust, heavy duty framing that is specifically designed to not only perform in a completed product but also to withstand the rigours and stress of shipping, transportation, and handling, each module is built to provide a long-lasting life cycle for the homeowner. All structural connections between modules are adequately engineered to high quality standards for lasting performance and extreme weather resistance.

Convenience and Efficiency

A modular home offers the convenience of on-site delivery without having to locally source building materials and can be transported to your property even in the most remote locations at reasonable rates. Your home is designed and manufactured to meet all of the relevant building codes and energy-efficiency requirements without the hassle of having to stop work and await the building inspections that site-built homes must undergo. You won’t have to hold up work on interior finishes while waiting for other trades to catch up, and minimal skilled trade work is required for electrical, plumbing, and on-site foundation and footing installations. With a manufactured home, you can have the quality you want at a price you can afford in the shortest lead time possible.


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