Taste Success in Real Estate Industry with Professional Developer Gene Bernshtam


A wide array of opportunities accompanied with risk and instability is what real estate offers to those interested in it. The competition here is no less, and the number of investors is ever increasing. Only few out of hundreds and thousands are able to succeed in this field. It takes years of experience and certain skills and qualities to reach this stage. Who else would best personify all this than  Gene Bernshtam ?  

Teamwork and effort:

As a real estate investor and developer professionals, he gives most of the credit of his success to his team members and other co-workers. He believes that co-operation in teamwork is vital. He always make sure to boost up the confidence and motivate his fellow workers for better productivity.

Buyers and investor’s support:

Bernshtam assures that what bought about his success in this ever-fluctuating industry is the acceptance of his work by investors and buyers. His aim had always been to invest in lands that have scope of both better income and output. He knew he had to develop a property that would grab the buyer’s attention, impress them as it lives by their expectations and serves all purposes and requirements. Hence, his work is oriented around the ideas that satisfy the investors.

Years of experience:

Since his graduation from Loyola Business School, with a degree in Finance, he instantly landed up a job in an investment-banking firm, due to his achieving of series seven and sixty-three licenses. Since then he never looked back and went ahead to build a strong career for himself. A man with love for adventure and travelling has had a beautiful journey in terms of his professional adventure as well. Being the CEO of many companies in the past and presently leading the Avalon Holdings LLC, and its other affiliated entities, he has grown as an erudite investor and respected leader.

His qualities as a professional and successful investor and developer:

  • He is a visionary when it comes to investment and makes related plans beforehand. If he believes a piece of land can be a base of a strong property and would ensure buyers then he would go ahead with it.
  • Years of experience, provides ample opportunities to learn better and understand the market and its needs. To succeed in an industry, one has to know its ins and outs, what affects its stability and what stimulates its growth.
  • He undertook necessary yet calculated risks, which ensured him of some success at least. Turning them into profit and a winning project involves his farsightedness and skills to handle the entire process.

Any company would feel privileged to have a leader like him who sets aim and goals for co-workers, takes the firm to new heights and shares the credit of success with other employees. His success inspires many aspiring investors to possess similar skills. Even the investors seek for projects undertaken by him since they know it would surely be unique and satisfy their needs.

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