Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom


Is it time to remodel your bathroom? Maybe, you want to give it a new look. Or perhaps, you would like some additions to make it more functional. This can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start and what things to factor in. To help you with this, read on to learn about some things you should consider when remodeling your bathroom.


Before you get started on your project, make sure to set a budget. Your expenses can quickly add up if you don’t plan this out carefully. Some things that you should consider include how much you’re willing to invest in, essentials for your new bathroom, and the location of plumbed-in appliances.

If you’re not sure how much labor and materials should cost, contact a remodeling company. Many of them are willing to answer inquiries about your project and give a free quote for the services they offer.

Bathroom Layout

There are different types of bathroom layouts that you can choose from. Here are some options that you could consider getting:

  • Standard– This includes basic features such as a sink, toilet, and bath/shower. If you want something more luxurious, you can add some features such as a soaking tub or a steam shower.
  • Half-Bath– Also known as a powder room, this is meant to be just a small space for a toilet and sink. A half-bath is ideal for guest bathrooms.
  • Wet Bathroom– This is a full bathroom wherein the shower is on the same level as the rest of the floor. A wet bathroom is completely waterproofed—including the cabinets, walls, and floor.


To maximize your bathroom, make sure to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting. Installing windows is the best way to achieve natural lighting. Consider having one near your bathroom mirror so that you can easily see how you’ll look when you step outside.

For artificial lighting, make sure to avoid bare bulbs and other intense sources of light. To better see yourself in the mirror even when the sun is down, layer soft lighting at a head level in your vanity area.

Room Ventilation

No one wants to feel damp and humid inside the bathroom. To prevent this, make sure to have proper ventilation. This is also a good way to prevent mold from building up. Not only will this keep you comfortable while inside the bathroom but will also save you from the hazards of inhaling mold. To ventilate your bathroom, have windows, vents, and exhaust fans installed.


Make sure to choose bathroom flooring that is durable enough for daily use. The material needs to be strong enough against water exposure and changes in temperature and humidity. Popular options include ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl plank, and vinyl tile.

Include Mirrors

Aside from having a mirror above your bathroom sink, it’s also a good idea to include mirrors as a design element in the room. This can make a space appear visually bigger if they are positioned strategically in the bathroom.

Add Hooks

If you have a smaller bathroom, consider adding hooks to free up some space. Installing some is the easiest way to hang your clothes, towels, and robes. You can install this at the side of cabinets, the back of the door, or other free space that you may have on your bathroom walls.


You may or not be a person with a disability, however, it would be smart to consider making your bathroom accessible sooner than later. You can do this by adding a blocking behind the drywall if you don’t already have one. This can be used to add grab rails for easier mobility. You could also consider getting a walk-in shower to easily access the bathing area.

Call a Remodeling Company for Expert Help on Your Project

Are you ready to make changes to your old bathroom? Get in touch with a remodeling company. They’ll provide you with expert opinions on how you could proceed with your project. The professionals can also give you recommendations on what materials you might need or what appliances can be installed given your provided space. Give them a call today!

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