Limestone Paving Give A Unique Texture To Your House


What is Limestone?

Limestone is basically a sedimentary rock which mostly composed of known as calcium carbonate in the form of mineral carbide. Limestone is an organic rock that forms from the accumulation of fecal; debris, shell, algal and coral over a considerable time. It commonly used as a premiere building material and in making cement. Limestone is easily available stone all over Europe and Mediterranean. When limestone gets more crushed it turns into marble, a material used in kitchen slab.

What is limestone paving?

Paving is an art of making a surface with flat stones in a pattern and this work call for skills of highest standard. A limestone pavement is a natural karst landform consisting of incised and a flat surface of limestone that presents an artificial pavement.  The limestone pavement is a common UK term where many beautiful landforms have developed distinctive surface that resembles paving blocks.

Best for your home and commercial space

Limestone paving is a great option for outside space fixtures, like the terrace, garden space, swimming pool and more. And, it is best for indoor environments such as bathroom, corridors, kitchen, etc.   Limestone paving is best option for slippery wet areas in your office and home, as they quickly absorb water so, they are non slippery in comparison to other tile materials. Limestone pavers vary slightly in appearance, but add life to an area where it is applied on.

Available in various colors to choose from

Limestone, the naturally occurring organic stone offer a wide choice of colors, they range from dark green to light beige to add colors to your property.  The available colors are more causal and best suited for the interior of your house specially places such as dining room, bathroom and kitchen. This is an added advantage of limestone helps owners to choose limestone shade that can complement their furniture and interior surrounding.

Improves your property’s curb appeal

Whether you are installing limestone pavers in your home or in your business space, the curb appeal of your property is sure to improve and also be ready to hear some positives compliments from your neighbors, relatives or employees for your choice. Limestone is known for its earthen beauty. Therefore limestone paving is far better investment that concrete paving in terms of style, comfort and durability.

 Sustainable and Renewable

Limestone pavers are more eco-friendly and sustainable that concrete material.  This naturally occurring stone is recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving.

Limestone is naturally safe

This is one of the most important advantages that have made limestone a primer building material in various developed and developing countries. Limestone pavers forms non-slip surfaces thereby making them best choice for area around the swimming pool and for patios. Limestone pavers are also durable and forms frost resistance paving, meaning they are not susceptible to frost damage in the same way as many manufactured products are.

Limestone is also ideally suited for a variety of pedestrian and vehicle applications.

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