These plants will attract butterflies to your garden!


If you love butterflies and want them to make their habitat in your garden, grow plants that attract butterflies. These plants should be colorful and bear nectar and pollens. The pollen-bearing plants will attract them and bring them in the garden to present a treat to your eyes.

However, only growing plants will not be enough. You will also have to make your garden organic and butterfly friendly. You will have to avoid pesticides and use organic manure. The organic approach will safer and beneficial for butterflies as well as you.

Naming the plats to attract butterflies

  1. Allium

This wonderful plant attracts butterflies due to its exotic color and fragrance. Its tall stem and gorgeous blooms offer delicate value to the surroundings. Flowers of Allium are also known as spring bounty and bring colors to the garden to attract more and more butterflies.

  1. Aster

This exotic plant is one of the plants to attract butterflies. It originates in North America and bears daisy-like flowers. Flowers can be white, purple and pink. Flowers in Aster bloom during late summers and spring. Its sheer beauty is the reason behind attracting a number of butterflies to the plant.

  1. Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

Black Eyes Susan bear golden-orange flowers with a dark black center that would attract butterflies to your garden. This native American plant blooms in summer and accepts all kinds of soil. By bringing this yellow charm in your garden, you will get a gift of numerous butterflies flying in your garden.

  1. Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa)

These exotic plants are sun-loving plants and late bloomers which bloom usually in spring. The bright orange flowers of the plant would attract various colorful butterflies to your garden and simultaneously increase the overall looks of your garden.

Therefore, choose one of these plants to attract butterflies and bring home colorful butterflies you always loved. For more information, you can also visit ePlanter and get these butterfly attracting plants for your garden or office.

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