Add Layers to Your Interior Design with 3D and Textured Wall Panelling


When it comes to interior and exterior design, the stakes have never been higher. The essential duties of any great decorating job are twofold. Décor work is a great means of self-expression, especially in the domestic sphere. Finding ways to create and express yourself in your own space is one of the great joys of home ownership and, with the price of homes on the rise, a potentially lucrative one as well. Putting a little work into your home is never a bad idea, and home décor is a great way to do just that. Then, of course, there’s the pressure-packed world of office décor. Making a great first impression is critical to the success of any business and that begins with having an interior design aesthetic which is bold, fresh, crisp, and professional all at once.

One of the biggest trends in domestic and office design is the addition of textured walls. Whether you’re looking to add another layer to your home’s aesthetic or trying to find a way to make your business’s interior design stand out, here are a few things to keep in mind about 3D and textured wall panels.

Interior and Exterior

When it comes to home and office décor alike, versatility and longevity are two of the toughest roads to hoe. Décor fashion, like just about everything else involving aesthetics, is apt to change in a hurry. Latching on to a flash-in-the-pan trend today can leave your home or office looking hopelessly passé tomorrow. As a result, you want to find design options which are both popular now and show signs of staying power into the future.

Thankfully, textured and 3D wall panels are extremely versatile in terms of their potential uses in your design scheme. Whether you’re looking for textured wood, sculpted stone and concrete, fine brushed metal, or custom options, 3D and textured wall panels are diverse and versatile enough to fit in many different design schemes. What’s more, depending on the type of textured wall panel you’re considering, these items may work just as well in exterior design plans as interior ones and vice versa. Not only does this make such panels easy to fit into any given design aesthetic, but it can likewise make it that much easier to coordinate your interior and exterior décor.

Other Considerations

It’s true in the world of art, and it’s true in the world of home and office décor as well: light and shadow are two of the most important elements to any design. With textured panels, you definitely want to consider how light and shadow are going to play along the various ridges and contours of your panelling.

In addition to all that, there are several other factors which make 3D and textured wall panels a great choice for those looking towards a long-term décor answer: several panelling options are waterproof, tend to be generally eco-friendly, and resist fading in UV light.

All this and more can help you find the wall panelling you need to express yourself and create beautiful home or office spaces today.

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