Do You Have a Leak? Make Sure You Act Quickly When Making the Repair


If you have a problem with a leak, then you need to act quickly. You can make a temporary repair by yourself to bridge the gap until a plumber can come out and fix it. Some leaks can lead to burst pipes, so time is of the essence. If a pipe does burst, a flood can overcome a home in a short amount of time, which can lead to considerable damage.

Use Pipe Clamps

If your pipe is broken, use a pipe clamp to stop the leak. These clamps are regularly used on submarines and aircraft carriers, so they should be sturdy enough to handle any home-based leak. Whilst they won’t completely solve the plumbing issue, they will contain the problem until professional help can arrive.

Epoxy Sealants

Epoxy compounds are ideal for temporarily repairing cast iron pipes. These compounds will patch a leak until the pipe can ultimately be replaced or welded. Rubber pipe connectors, or couplings, can also be wrapped around a leak that is located at a joint or in the middle of a pipe.

Couplings can also be used to prevent used laundry water or toilet water from pooling around the drip. Rubber pipe connectors do need to be cut. So, you should know what you are doing to avoid safety concerns. This is why it’s always good to have the contact numbers of plumbers in Maidstone on hand. Rather than attempting to deal with the dilemma by yourself, it’s much wiser to enlist the services of expert plumbers to avoid any complications.

Pipe Wraps

Pipe wraps are also available for temporary use in most hardware stores. When using these wraps on broken plumbing, they will harden around a pipe in order to patch the leak. They are similar to epoxy compounds, as they simply need to be installed in the proper location. They will work anywhere on a pipe, and they are ideal for all kinds of cracks or leaks.

Repair Sleeves

Repair sleeves, on the other hand, are helpful for pinhole or joint repairs. They are similar to clamps, as they provide a durable fix for a limited period of time. The sleeves work well for smaller cracks. However, the problem will spread if you don’t call a plumber to actually fix the pipe.

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