A Clean House Increases Its Value


Most of the people don’t live in one place for their entire lives. We need to change our houses time to time for different reasons. If your job is transferred in another place you have to move there; if your business suits in a specific area or if you want to move to a better place you have to change your house. When you move to a new house you think of selling your old house. You will see that a dirty house will not give you enough cash and the real value of a house might get covered because of its dirty look. You should clean your house before you plan to sell it. Here, there are some ways and tips to clean your house easily and effectively.

Remove All Your Furniture

When you shift your house you need to take out all your furniture from the old house and take them to the new house. If you don’t want to use your furniture than sell them; you can sell them with the house or separately. But to clean the house you have to take all your furniture out and keep in a safe place. Remove everything from the walls. After removing everything repair if anything is spoilt.

Clean the Inside Part

It is better to clean the inside of your house before cleaning the outer part. At first sweep all the floors of all the rooms with a broom. Spray water on the floor using a bucket or a machine such as pressure washer. Wash all the dirt and stains by rubbing them; use detergent to make it shiny. Clean all the dust and dirt from the wall using water.

Clean the Outside Walls

The buyer will get the first impression by seeing the outer look of your house. If the buyer gets a bad impression at first sight he might not be interested in buying your house. Clean all the small plants and the moss that have grown on the outside walls. Take a pressure washer machine and spray water on all the sides. Using this machine you can easily spray water and wash the walls of the top floor standing on the ground. Depending on different machines the pressurized water reaches to 3rd or 4th floor easily.

Clean the Patio, Fence and garage

Now clean your fence patio and garage by using a pressure washing machine. You have to clean all the moss, mud or dirt properly to make the house look good. If you go to use your hand to wash them it will take you entire day to finish. Bu using a machine will save your time. You can clean all these three places within one hour if you use a machine.

Paint Your House

Now it’s the time to paint your house with some beautiful colors. Choose some good looking colors so that it looks beautiful. Paint all the room properly, the kitchen, bathrooms and hall room, etc. If you don’t want to paint the house it’s all right. Painting your house will increase its value.

Replace All the Furniture

Now put all the furniture back to their previous places. You also can change their locations to make the rooms look good. You can also put some paintings or posters if necessary. Make the house such a way as if the buyer can start living in the house immediately after buying.

After doing all these works, now, show your house to the buyer. You will definitely see the change of their expression. It will be difficult for any buyer to say no if the size of your house and the number of rooms fit his requirements. Now you will easily get the appropriate value and not be a loser.

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