Three Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage or Cellar


If you have avoided cleaning out your cellar or garage because you don’t have a way to haul away the items you don’t want, you can solve that problem by hiring a removals company. However, before you can call them, you need to sort through everything and decide what to get rid of, and the following tips can help you in that endeavour.

Create Piles

When sorting out a garage or cellar, divide everything into three piles: what you’re keeping, what needs to be recycled, and what you’re throwing away. As you are sorting, if you realise that an item hasn’t been used or thought about for a while, you may not need to keep it. Letting go of old furniture, toys and keepsakes will create more room and allow others to enjoy them.

Properly Dispose of Garbage

If you find old paint cans, household chemicals, or oil and other automotive fluids during the cleanout, don’t just toss them into the rubbish bin. These items will need to be recycled, so set them aside to be taken to the proper recycling centre. Just make sure you do take them in instead of allowing them to pile up in the garage again.

Give to Charities

If you do have good furniture or children’s toys you don’t want, contact charities in your area to find out if they could use them. If they can, call an East Dulwich removals company to have them delivered if the charity cannot pick them up. Women’s shelters almost always need items for women and children who are moving into their own flats, and they usually don’t have a way to pick up donations.

Once you’ve cleaned out your garage or cellar, keep it organised so you can avoid cluttering it up again. Avoid the temptation of storing items in the garage unless you know for sure that you will use them, such as your Christmas tree and ornaments.


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