5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Mississauga Pest Control


Pest control is never easy. It’s just a task that not everyone seems to know enough about. This is why most homeowners opt to hire Mississauga Pest Control professionals. However, it is important to note that not all pest control professionals are the same. Some may be angels in disguise, while others just fail at their jobs miserable. Below are top five mistakes to avoid when choosing Mississauga pest control professionals.

Not shopping enough. You need to look at more than one Mississauga pest control company. Hiring the first company you come across on your phonebook is not a good idea because you won’t have the chance to compare satisfaction ratings and prices. A word of advice: the most advertised pest control company is not always the best choice. Instead of paid exposure, take the time to get to know each plausible candidate. Looking at how long they have been in the business is a first step. Certifications from the city hall are also good signs.

Not following through on references. One way to get to know your potential Mississauga pest control provider is asking them for references. A company with a good track record won’t be afraid to drop names of real customers. After getting these references, actually call these clients and ask the right questions. Hopefully, they would be more than willing to provide you with real testimonials. Questions to ask include what type of pest control methods were used, how successful were the pest control experts, and if they were willing to retreat the property when necessary. Clients would probably be less willing to talk about the pricing of their pest treatment, but they would be happy to talk about the service if they were satisfied.

Commissioning without a binding contract. No matter how well the references talked about the Mississauga pest control company, it is never a good idea to hire them without a contract. Usually, the contract is provided by the company itself, but if you are hiring an independent pest control professional, you must ask for their license and then you could opt to draw the contract yourself. Details that should be included in the contract are how much the service would cost, the methodology that will be used to exterminate the pests, and other terms which you have talked about. You can even detail the period of work and the liabilities of both parties.

Buying into secret formulas. All formulas used for pest control should be approved by the authorities first. In other words, if a pest control Mississauga professional were to offer you access to a “new, secret formula”, beware. This is a red flag for either false advertising or the use of an illegal product. Move on to other pest control companies if this particular company offers any such shady products.

Agreeing to a long term contract. If a pest control company is good, they won’t try to reel you in over the long haul. This is disadvantageous for both parties. Instead, opt to commission companies on a trial basis. Pay them for a job, and if it’s a job well done, then go ahead and hire them again, but never be tied down. Better options will always be available and you want to be free from binding contracts when the time comes.

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