Graffiti Removal Options for Your Business


If your commercial building has been ruined by graffiti, removing it can be one of the best ways to improve the look of your professional space and boost the reputation of your company. Graffiti could also give customers the impression that your building is abandoned, and may avoid doing business with you because they don’t think anyone is available to assist them. If the graffiti is professionally removed, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the graffiti is taken care of while the structure of your building is maintained.

There are a number of methods for getting graffiti from the exterior of your building. It’s best to choose a removal process that is best for the surface you’re working with, whether you need to get paint from a parking lot, brick wall or building that is made from aluminum or wood. Depending on the size of your building, you may need to hire a team that is large enough to get the job done in a short amount of time.

Power or pressure washing methods may be ideal for getting rid of the dirt and debris that can sometimes accumulate on the walls and windows of the building. This will improve the look of the building and get rid of some of the graffiti before using additional methods like sandblasting. Depending on your building’s surface, you may need to choose a gentler form of sandblasting that will clean the building with sodium bicarbonate particles instead of larger sand granules. Work with cleaning professionals to assess the condition and materials of your commercial space to determine the right process for getting rid of graffiti.

You may also want to consider anti-graffiti coating. This will keep your building from being vandalized again, and you can choose from temporary or permanent coatings to protect your office space. If you decide to go with temporary or sacrificial coating, the protective coat is applied over your building’s paint job. The sacrificial coating can be removed if your building is vandalized. You can also have the coating reapplied, and this will cost you much less than having to repaint the structure. Permanent anti-graffiti coating is mixed into the actual paint of your building, and keeps spray paint from adhering to the surface of your building. This means you can easily wash the graffiti, and this choice is best if your business is in an area where vandalism occurs often.

If you decide to get a coating for your building after having the graffiti removed, be sure to ask the professional cleaning team about the additional features of graffiti protection. Choose a method that is environmentally friendly, and ask your cleaning team if there is a graffiti shield that will protect your business against weather and UV damage. It’s also important to choose a graffiti covering that is easy to clean. Remember that paint-overs are also an option for getting rid of graffiti, so choose a company that can precisely match the new paint with the current hue of your building to maintain a professional appearance.

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