Wall Panels: Decorative, Practical, Perfect


The range of uses for wall panels may surprise many people. They are suitable as a functional part of remodelling or as a decorative element for interior design. These items serve a number of purposes, from basic wall covering and soundproofing to providing a specific look in your den, foyer, or living room.

Builders, decorators, designers, and architects use panels to provide a uniform appearance, to add a particular flavour to a room, or simply because they can be replaced easily when it’s time for a change. In general terms, there is no set size limit for a panel, though transportation and handling do impose limits for practical purposes. Wall panels have become a popular choice for shopping-centre management companies. They sometimes ask tenants to refresh or upgrade their shops, and decorative wall panels are the perfect solution.


Homeowners will find these items work well as fireplace surrounds, as a feature wall in the foyer or living room, or even as a headboard that will enhance the look of your bedroom. Some property owners have also made use of panels to cover room dividers or as an alternative to decorative wallpaper. New technology has made panels an even better choice because they can be made of lightweight material that works well as a bar front, in a hospitality setting, or in high-traffic areas.

Wall panels also give free reign to your imagination or to the creativity of your interior-design professional. Companies sometimes use these products to help build a brand or as a key element in marketing and merchandising. They have found their place in corporate offices, corridors, and public spaces such as foyers and waiting areas.

One of the newest materials used in three-dimensional panels comes from sugarcane. Fibres from the crushed stalks are used to form the base of an eco-friendly product that is easily handled and installed. The material, bagasse, is recycled and biodegradable, and it can be composted to further reduce impact on the environment.

Contractor’s Friend

Wall panels can deliver an attractive and consistent appearance to a surface without paint, wallpaper, or traditional panelling. Panels can be provided with an unfinished side for mounting on a concrete or brick wall. They may also be fixed to framework so they serve as the wall itself. It’s also quite easy to cut or drill through the panel to make use of electrical and cable outlets.

If you haven’t used wall panels before now but are intrigued by the possibilities, you may want to visit the website of one of the leading suppliers of these quality products. Take some time to browse the extensive site to see what is available. You’ll see hand-crafted products, made from non-toxic materials, in an array of designs, finishes, and colours. When properly installed, they deliver exceptional quality, and they are lightweight yet extremely durable.

If you need a perfect solution for a wall, bar front, hotel lobby, headboard, or almost any other application, talk with a knowledgeable representative about your ideas and plans. Make the smart choice.

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