Roof Restoration—A Cost Effective Roofing Remedy


More than any other building components, the roof of a house gets the most exposure to the harsh elements of nature. The sun, wind, rain, and hail can be hard on a roof, to say the least. No matter which type of material your roof is made of, whether it is steel, tile, or shingles, even the most well-designed and best-installed roof will need maintenance if you want to maximise its service life. Roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to reroofing and roof replacement.

Maintenance Means Longevity

Modern roofing is designed for a long lifespan, up to 50 years or more. To achieve that maximum lifespan, your roof needs to be maintained with roof restoration services that include regular inspection, replacement of worn or faulty materials, cleaning and refinishing, and repairs as needed. Your roof is subject to constant wear due to its exposure to the elements, and a roof restoration is an important service for your home, particularly following a severe storm or natural disaster. By identifying and promptly addressing current and potential problems with the help of an experienced tradesman, you can ensure that your roof will perform year after year.

The Restoration Process

Roof restoration in Perth starts with a detailed inspection performed by an experienced roofing estimator. Estimators are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest, and they will involve you in the inspection process. Your roofing estimator will identify and explain any apparent problems, defects, failures, and potential leaks that may need attention, answering all of your questions. This inspection is performed without the high pressure sales pitch and without obligation.

Experienced tradesmen will repair any leaks that are discovered, and they will replace damaged or missing tiles. Roof flashings and flashing seals will be inspected, repaired, resealed, and, if necessary, replaced altogether. Gutters and downspouts will be inspected, secured, cleaned, repaired, or replaced, and everything will be pressure washed. Ridge caps will be repointed and the roof will be treated with high performance Dulux sealing and coating products to finish the restoration.

An Alternative to Reroofing and Replacement

A complete roof replacement can be expensive, and while reroofing is not as costly as roof replacement, roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to both that will buy you extra time under your existing roof. Roofs are prone to coming loose when bad weather strikes or degrading due to exposure. Leaks need to be repaired quickly to prevent interior damage. Roof restoration will solve minor problems quickly with minimal disturbance.

Eventually, any roof will exceed its lifespan to the point that it will need to be either reroofed or replaced altogether. Until your roof reaches that point, roof restoration is a cost-effective solution that maximises its lifespan and conserves materials and labour. Each roof restoration is thoroughly inspected by trained and experienced tradesmen to ensure the highest quality work, which is backed by a 10-year guarantee. Once your roof can no longer practically be restored, due either to its age or irreparable damage, you can consider reroofing, which is another cost-effective solution.

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