Choosing the best interior paint color for Your Home


Choosing the best interior paint for your home not only ensures that you end up with colors you can live with, it’s also a wonderful way to breath fresh air into every room. Following are a few tips that will help make choosing the perfect interior paint for your home easier.

Choosing the Best Interior Paint Color – First Things First

Before choosing the best interior paint color, give some thought to the kind of look and feel you would like to create in your home. Start considering a color for the most centrally located and biggest area in your home.  Color plays a major role in creating an atmosphere and transforming each room so don’t rush through the process, says Bob Pergolotti of CT House Painters.

Browse Through Color Chips

Stop by your local paint or home improvement store and browse through their color chips, which are arranged by hue and color combinations in most cases (there are also online sites that you can use). Warm colors, like members of the yellow, orange, brown and tan families can help create spaces that are comforting and at the same time refreshing. Cool colors, from the purple, green and blue families, create areas that feel open and relaxing.

Using Shades of the Same Hue

After you’ve decided on a paint color for a room, the easiest, least complicated way to move on is to choose shades of the hue for adjacent walls or rooms. The benefit of going this route is that the colors will go well together and will add depth and interest.

Paint a Swatch on the Wall

The easiest way to see whether a color suits a room is to paint a small swatch on the wall. This method will help you see how the color is going to look under the lighting conditions and in space in general. Pay attention to how the color changes during the day and at night. You might find that you’ll need to modify the intensity level or lightness of the color to best suit the space.


You can visually lower the look of a high ceiling by painting it with a shade that is darker than the walls. At the same time, you can expand the look of a room by using a lighter color for the ceiling than you use to paint the walls.

What Type of Paint Should You Use?

Paint is available in a variety of sheens, in either latex or oil. Latex paint is the preferred paint type because it is easy to clean up and offers long lasting resilience. Latex paint is also more fade resistant and breathes far better than oil, which means a lot less blistering of the paint.

You don’t need to spend a bundle on an interior designer to update the look of your home – choosing the best interior paint color is the first step. A little paint, some imaginations and doing a great job painting it, will easily change the appearance of any room.

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