The most important thing about the vintage style home decorating


The most important thing about the vintage style home decorating is a great source to find. You can try them all, antique shops and thrift stores near you, vintage shops, and car boot sale to find a flea market, you need to start hunting for a unique antique furniture.

Patience when you are looking for something, please remember to select only quality products to meet your appearance and you are trying. You may want to take a list of items to your home, such as classic vintage antique chairs and mirrors like this, these items stare. If you try to stick to the list, consider each item before buying and in fact, it is simply crazy when you shop for your vintage.

When styling your home, or choose a shabby chic look is a blend of modern and vintage, vintage pieces that you choose all you can edit it by hand with them to date . Your own home or you can choose to have some classic looks like a very eclectic.

If there are key items, there are people who want to start a vintage styling house look out on:

– Chairs & Sofas
This is the most practical items you can buy, and they paint, to update or re-covered with a little polish is very simple. French bedroom chairs, elegant, fun place to make your child’s bedroom chair bubble of the 1960s, provided an update sexy, high chairs look great in the kitchen every province.

– Thrift Furniture
To you, please make sure to go to local flea markets and garage sales for cheap some vintage furniture. Check the quality of the products before you buy always visualize your house to fit in where and how exactly it. An eye is aligned with the expertise rare to find a very detailed and Home Depot stores nearest you.

– Bedding & Pillows Vintage
Provide a sense of vintage items in your home immediately, some antique cushion. Comfortable on the surface of each home-made embroidered pillow you can feel any more comfortable home. Eiderdowns and throw vintage, cheap bedroom old, you can provide updates. An eye for great colors and fabrics that reflect the personality of your room the best classic style.

– Pot & Glass
They give off a vibration of the antique and too expensive really great because it is not usually that have a vintage glass and cans are not too many. Stoneware, blue and white, especially the kitchen table a beautiful appearance and followed, is an excellent product. Since this is not too high, valuable, vintage items please choose the high quality glass and ceramics.

When strung together with everything you have to simplify it please. Not short of space with too many things, or run the risk of your home, such as museums and outdated. Conversely, beautify your home, each room is to select specific items to keep the space fresh and bright colors will feel spacious and classic.

To give a touch of vintage style bedroom is:

It started with white paint, then a large bed frames and mattresses, pillows and bedspreads add a lot. To view your favorite vintage hat is unique and interesting, attach the pin to the wall, and the opposite wall, however, the frame used to buy, they reflect, along with your favorite photos. Stack of vintage suitcases in the corner of your room to store other items in a wooden box beautiful. The clip is covered with flowers and hanging modern light clothes rails. And found a big old light in your room to placing your order. Put a wooden floor, covered with carpet and antique-style, and you’re done!

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