Current Home Decorating Trends


As designers and interior decorators look to the future, they depend on industry analysts and color experts to tell them what the popular home decoration trends will be for the future year or two. These experts look at society as a whole and the way humans respond psychologically to current events to determine what the color patterns of the next years will be. They also look to up and coming fashion trends as well as what was popular in the interior design world in the past to make their predictions.

According to those who understand these things, economic turmoil, a suffering housing market, wars and rumors of wars steer Americans towards something comfortable. In order to make their house more marketable in the future, Americans are avoiding colors that are overly trendy in return for neutral colors more apt to please a variety of buyers.

Yet, home decoration is not without its colors in the current market. Bright colors, including deep crimsons and blazing yellows, are part of the color scheme, but they are showing up in accents rather than the entire house. People are opting for white walls, a beige couch, and bright red accent pillows, rather than choosing the red couch or walls. According to psychologist, this trend shows that we are hopeful for a good future, even while dealing with difficult economic and social situations in the present.

Currently, brown is the favorite color in most industries, including home decoration. People are using light shades of brown and tan for their walls and opting for a deeper shade for their furnishings, with brown wooden flooring also making its way as one of the most popular choices. But experts think this might change. Brown is starting to lighten, and many feel that gray may surpass it in popularity as the next year progresses.

Green is also becoming a popular color, as people are equating it with eco-conscious living, even subconsciously, and are thus using it throughout their homes. Blue, a soothing color, is also quite popular, often mixed with browns to create a soothing, calm color scheme.

One color that is not doing well in America, and may not in the near future, is yellow. Orange, with the exception of a deep orange, is also not doing well. These will show up in accents, if they show up at all. Similarly, true purples, which were popular in the 1980s, are being replaced by wine and amethyst in the upcoming seasons.

So what does this mean for home decoration professionals or the average do-it-yourselfer who wants a trendy, modern look? Not much, but they are trends to watch for. If you are planning a remodel or simply a redecorating of your home, consider these more neutral color schemes, as it will improve your chances of selling your home in the future should the time come that you want to do so. If you like bright colors, do not avoid them, but try to incorporate them as accents rather than main colors, and you will be following the current and future decorating trends.

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