Why Try Anything Other Than The Best Stuff? Introduction


Thereare things in the world that do not make sense in the immediate sense but given the most amount of thought and precision towards understanding it better, then we can come to a suitable conclusion as to the validity of that particular thing. That particular thing may be anything that we stumble upon from time to time in our daily lives, it could be something like the favourite car that we have always wanted to buy, it could be the wedding gift that you have been planning for your wife, or simply the best bed sheets that you can find for your new home that you want everything to be perfect as possible. But all of this does not matter unless there is a base understanding of what are the things that we need to do in order to get the things that we need. So if selfish acts lead us to analyse and focus on each and everything that we do with precision then what is there to do besides that? The next time when people want to do something that much more better and want to do things carefully, it is not that they are paranoid about each and everything that comes into contact with them, it is simply the fact that being analytic is their way of doing things and that makes them more susceptible to things of that nature.

The Nature Of Things

When things do not work the way that people want them to then it is usually because that is what they deserve and then the ramblings about the ruthless hand of karma etcetera. But the reality of that situation is simple that is explained in rational terms is that the kind of thing that people do to themselves is what comes back to bite them on the bottom and that is not something that has got to do with karma or any of the natural forces working against you. It is simply the sum of your actions that forces people to do what they do. If you were stupid enough to buy low grade material for your new home other than the best bed sheets that you can afford, then when things go haywire at the awkward moment in your bedroom, then who is to be blamed, the person who chose to save a few bucks to get a cheaper one or karma?


The answer is quite logical that people do to themselves what they perceive as something that is as important and can save their lives, but in reality all they are doing is making bad and irrational decisions in an emotional state.

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