The Many Services a Locksmith Provides


Most people think of a locksmith when they happen to lock themselves out of their home or vehicle, but in reality, a locksmith provides a wide range of services for both the home and business owner. It might be an emergency situation, or possibly a change of locks, as one would do when moving into a new dwelling, and if you have ever wondered what services a locksmith provides, here is a list.

  • Emergency Lock Out – It is a common occurrence for a person to lock themselves out of their home or car, and rather than attempt a forced entry, it is better to call in the experts, who can gain access without causing any damage. If you happen to live in WA, and are looking for a Mandurah locksmith, there are reputable tradespeople who also provide emergency services for any lock related issue.
  • Rekeying – This is a cost effective way to reuse locks and the new keys will be usable, while the old ones are rendered useless. This is much cheaper that replacing all of the locks in the building and as far as security is concerned, rekeying is just as effective as replacing, yet obviously a lot cheaper.
  • Garage Door Remotes – If your remote no longer works, you can take it to a locksmith, who can repair it without the need to visit your home, and if you have lost your remote, the locksmith can order a replacement if he knows the details.
  • Concealed Safes – If you have valuable heirlooms at home or would like somewhere to keep the family jewellery, a locksmith can offer a range of concealed safes and once the job is complete, your valuables will never be stolen, should you experience a break in.
  • Security Assessment – If you are unsure about your home or business security, a modern locksmith would be happy to pop round and give you an honest appraisal of your existing security, and should it be inadequate, the locksmith would be able to recommend the best solution to improve your overall security.
  • One Key Solutions – Some people get confused with a large bunch of keys, each one for a single door, but with one key solutions, a single key can open every door. This can be done with most locks and does not involve lock changing, and provides a more convenient access method.
  • Post Break In – If you are unfortunate and experience a burglary, an emergency locksmith can either replace the locks or rekey them, in case the thief planned to use the key for a future robbery, and this is essential, as often a successful break in will be revisited in a few months’ time. Being the victim of a burglary is stressful enough, without the worry that the perpetrator has a key and can access your home at any time.

An experienced locksmith can provide many essential services for both homeowners and business premises alike, and by using a registered company, you can be sure of the best service.

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