Roof Installation Services: More Than the Name Implies


One would expect roofing companies to install and repair roofs, but many of these companies provide a number of other services as well. Most companies will visit a potential customer’s site to assess the work to be done and offer a free, no-obligation quote. This enables customers to compare services, find competitive prices, and hire a reputable company that guarantees quality work.

Roof installers carry a variety of materials, such as felt, slate, and tile, to create durable, long-lasting roofs which are also appealing and weather resistant. In addition to installation, most roofers also make repairs that include everything from fixing leaks to doing full re-roofs. Some even offer emergency service, responding promptly to urgent situations.

More than Roofs

There are several companies that offer experienced roof repairs in Leeds, servicing both domestic and commercial customers, but some also offer related services.

  • Chimney repair
  • Gutter repair
  • Window installation
  • Roof light installation

Repairing faulty gutters and deteriorating chimneys early is important in order to avoid bigger problems in the future. Installing windows, often done during a loft or attic conversion, allows natural light into the home, adds appeal, and can increase the value of the property. The same is true of roof lights or sun tunnels.

Customer Satisfaction

With a number of roof installers available, customers should look for a company with a history of high-quality work, many years of experience, and outstanding customer service. Whether the job is big or small, installation, repair, or a related service, customers should also expect to find a company which offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

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