Should You Repair Your Windows or Replace Them


Windows are one of the most vulnerable but vital parts of your home. Windows allow light into your home so you can save money on your lighting costs. They also allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity in your home just by raising or lowering your windows. However, they also have vulnerabilities. Physically, your windows are susceptible to damage that comes from any sort of blunt force as even the glass of the 21st century is fairly fragile. Also, your windows tend to function as thermal bridges. A thermal bridge is any part of a structure that allows more heat transfer than the surrounding parts of a structure. That is a technical way of saying that your windows let heat out during the winter and let heat in during the summer. If your windows are damaged, that becomes even more pronounced. So, you should definitely make intact windows a priority. The only question is when to repair them and when to replace them.

When to Repair Them

An expert glazier in Perth can give you a specific and accurate assessment for your particular windows. A glazier is a person who designs and builds anything made of glass. In this context, that means windows and glass doors. They are important because working with glass is very difficult. You shouldn’t hire just any contractor to repair your windows. It is a very delicate and precise skill that needs years of practice. They’ll be able to tell you if your windows are good candidates for repair.

Typically, they will advise repair if your windows do not feature damage that compromises their fundamental structure. Glass is not a solid the way many people conceive of solids. In fact, in scientific terms, it is more of a liquid. Glass flows, but incredibly slowly. That is due to its crystalline structure. If you have a crack in your glass, it could be disrupting the crystals that comprise your window. That is why cracks in your windscreen tend to grow unless you take action. So, if the damage to your window does not affect the fundamental structure of the glass, an expert might recommend that you have it repaired. Repair for the frame or the siding is fairly simple. To repair the glass, he or she would need to arrest the spread of the crack. However, if you have a more significant issue or if you just want new windows, replacement is the best option.

When to Replace Them

Deciding to replace a window is a much more straightforward action. If you have a crack or chip in your window that has fundamentally altered the window, it will need to be replaced. That means any sort of damage that actually breaks part of the window. This is most commonly caused by blunt force. In addition, windows can be damaged at the window frame. A window frame can become ill-fitting or damaged due to natural conditions. As the heat and humidity inside and outside of your home change, the material of the frame can swell or shrink. After several cycles of swelling and shrinking, the window might not fit properly in the facade of your home anymore.

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