Some Big Scary Reasons to Move Around in Tallahassee, Florida


Tallahassee Florida – the sound of the name brings about thoughts of sun and orange juice. But did you know there’s a much darker side to this beautiful paradise? With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s smart for you to know what areas of Tallahassee become just a little darker after that glorious sun goes to bed for the night.

The Lively Building (Leon’s Bar)

This location has a dark history, as it was once a stopping place for the roughest of the rough when it was Leon’s Bar between 1892 and 1904. Any local moving company in Tallahassee Fl will know why you’re moving away – or near – this overly haunted location. Murder was the name of the game at this bar, and some of the vaqueros have yet to leave. They hang out on the corner, continuing to intimidate passers-by and anyone who ventures past the building.

Leon County Jail

Do you live near the jail, or are you planning to move here? Beside the frightening aspect of escaped criminals, there’s also the fact that the jail is believed to be haunted. Though the facilities are new, built in 1990, they rest on the same grounds as the old facilities, which housed Ted Bundy around the date of his trial in 1978. If that isn’t enough to scare you, perhaps the shadow figures spotted there will do it, or the woman who wanders the grounds every night, crying.

Velda Mound Park

Perhaps Native American hauntings are more your style. If they are, you’ll want to talk to your local moving company in Tallahassee Fl about moving closer to Velda Mound Park. This land is rich with the deepest history in Tallahassee, having been occupied by the earliest people in Florida’s late prehistoric period by the Fort Walton Culture. Eventually, the Apalachee Province took over to hold the land in the protohistoric period, before the Spanish conquistadors arrived to take it over. The local government now owns the land, where transparent Native Americans can be seen sitting around fires at night. A glowing wolf, all in white, roams the grounds, protecting the long-gone natives around their fires, keeping the local white man at bay. Anyone who lives near the park testifies to hear the wolf howl every night.

Knott House Museum

Even if you don’t live near this gem, make sure you get to see the Knott House Museum at least once while you’re living in Tallahassee. The home dates back to 1843, when it was built as a wedding gift to Thomas and Catherine Hagner. The home was later

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