3 Advantages To Dormer Loft Conversions


Loft conversions with a dormer at the moment are very popular with residents of the United Kingdom.

One of the reasons for the popularity with the dormer lofts in particular is thought to be the aesthetic appearance to the exterior of the property, they look extra special and expand the property at the roof-space (usually on the front side). This look is highly sought after.

Here are some of the primary advantages to loft conversion with a dormer:

1) Dormer loft conversion is often suitable for multiple different types of home, from terraced houses to large detached properties, dormers’ are adaptable to many different types of home.
2) Dormer Lofts are versatile, you can make of them whatever you wish, you can have them built into a bedroom with en suite bathroom, a home office, an upstairs gym, an observatory, a sitting room, games room, snooker room, two separate bedrooms, or just an additional relaxing space in your home, the possibilities with dormer lofts are endless.
3) They are a financially efficient way to significantly increase the value of your home, with many homes increasing in value to the tune of around 20%, which is a large increase in value when you take into consideration the average value of a home in Britain is £300,000 (this would be approximately £60,000 increase in the properties’ value).

Many people are aware of the above advantages and have already (or are considering) an investment in the development of their loft or attic.

For more in-depth information about dormer loft conversion see this page it has explainations of everything you need to know about dormer lofts.

What other types of loft conversion are there?

1) Mansard loft conversion – which is where the roof is built out into an entirely different shape allowing for maximum space (these are commonly used on terraced homes).
2) Velux loft conversions – This is when there is a basic loft conversion but with velux windows built into the roof, this enables the loft to have a lot more natural light and velux windows are an excellent addition to any attic.
3) Hip To Gable loft conversion – Hip to gable loft conversion is designed for homes with a “gable” roof which is where there are intersecting portions of a roof.

All loft conversions are beneficial to the value of a home, not exclusively ones with a dormer, hip to gable loft conversion is increasing in popularity for owners of detached homes.

More information about Hip to gable loft conversion is available here which provides you with in-depth information about costings, advantages and disadvantages and a range of other useful pieces of information.

Quick Tip: Think carefully about the suitability of each type of loft conversion before you commit to a course of action because there are both advantages and disadvantages of each different type, for more information about which conversion is suitable for you, seek the advice of an expert, the people are “Your Home Extensions” have in-depth knowledge on the subject.

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