Wall Painting Tricks For a Great Atmosphere


The rule in interior decoration is that small rooms don’t really take strong wall colors that well, doesn’t exist anymore. Just like the conviction that small spaces work best with as little furniture as possible, so the room looks bigger. Relax and let the colors bring life and a unique feeling into your small space, but also use some tricks to visually expand it.

Many interior designers agree that when choosing colors for small rooms, there really are no special rules. The thing that is important is that they speak of your personality, and that you feel comfortable with them and that you like them. Still, you should have in mind that by using some strategies in painting, you will achieve a certain effect.

Playing with colors in your apartment is a great and cheap way of decorating the interior, and the advantage of this type of decorating is that with little effort you can change it if you don’t like the effects achieved.

The effect of dim and light shades
Have in mind that dim colors absorb light and have a tendency to make the space look smaller by visually drawing the walls closer to each other. But, darker colors in details don’t cover a large surface as much as they can give depth to a space. Shades in the middle of a certain color pallet aren’t too strong, but aren’t too weak either, and they are a great choice, because they give life to smaller spaces.

They are those tones that hold a great influence of white in them. So, for example, instead of a plum purple, chose lilac – purple toned down with a lot of white.

A color that is toned down, one that is mixed with white, creates a pleasant and soothing atmosphere, brings brightness to the space, reflecting light, so it makes smaller spaces visually larger because brighter shades visually move the walls away from each other.

Colors in details in unusual places
The space behind shelves, around the frames of a window, or some other unusual place, can be colored in your favorite shades, giving depth to the space. If you have a small hallway, the walls in it can be painted in a darker shade that you will gradually lighten when moving towards the living room, thus creating an effect of width.

Contrasting walls in different colors
Although some designers don’t like this idea, some other designers advise that you shouldn’t be afraid of using bold colors in your space. A little darker colors on one wall can make the space look much bigger than it actually is.

Details in the room blended with the wall color
Just like different wall colors can make the space look visually divided, the same tones of details as the color of the walls can create a feeling of unison in the space.

In small spaces, this little designer game can do a lot. Pillows that have a color that matches the color of the lamp and blends in with a similar shade on the walls or on the blinds can also give a beautiful designer atmosphere in a small space.

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