How to Charge Air Conditioner at Home


Air conditioning is undoubtedly a luxurious item at home that allows you feel comfortable inside regardless of the outside weather. However, air conditioner can be pretty costly, especially if your system does not have the correct amount of refrigerant. Below we prepared several steps that will help you charge your central air conditioner at home.

#1. Check the System

1. Perform routine maintenance first. First of all, professionals in air conditioning systems from Simply Green Winnipeg advise conducting standard maintenance on your unit Standard check-up includes air filter replacement as well as evaporator and condenser coils cleaning.
2. Clean out any debris. You need to ensure that there are no obstructions such as debris or build up on the air handler blower fan. After the verification of this part, ensure that the condenser fan is operating correctly.
3. Thorough inspection. Apart from the standard check-up performed above, you should ensure that the rest of your air conditioning system operates well too. Pay attention to missing insulation, poor electrical connections, leaking duct-work joints, and any other minor problems that can reduce the efficiency of the system.

#2. Determine Your Needs

1. Determine the type of refrigerant. If you are not an AC expert, this will be a tough issue. For this reason professionals advise going to some local store or AC trading point and ask details for the refrigerant that will work best with your kind of air conditioning system.
2. Turn off the power on your air conditioning system. At this point you need to remove the fuses or turn the breaker off before continuing. Now wait for 15 minutes for the system to stabilize.
3. Take a reading on the gauges. After the system is turned off, you will be able to have a closer look on the gauges.
• In order to verify the gauges you should use a temperature gauge with its probe attached to the “low pressure” side.
• Then you need to recharge it if the temperatures on the blue gauge you see do not correspond to the numbers that are recommended in the equipment specifications.

#3. Recharge Your AC

1. Shut it down. First of all, you need to shut down the whole AC unit.
2. Attachment. After the system is no longer operating, you should attach the hoses from the AC’s gauge manifold to the pressure ports (low pressure hose – blue and connected to the suction line; high pressure hose – red and connected to the liquid line).
3. Turn on the AC. After turning the system on, give it 15 minutes so that it reaches steady state operation.
4. Check the temperatures. By checking the temperatures you will be able to perform so-called comparative analysis of the systems performance.
5. Determine your metering device. Now according to Simply Green reviews you need to check the charging procedure chart of your unit in order to determine what type of metering device your need.
6. Check for leaks. You need to ensure that there are no leaks in the system and repair them if any are found.
7. Connection. Now you need to connect your system’s supply or charging hose to the refrigerant container ensuring that the container remains in an upright position.
8. Add refrigerant. Make sure to add refrigerant very slowly into the suction line of the system. Take 5-10 minutes for system stabilization afar every ‘addition’.
9. Observe. Now have a look at the whole cycle to ensure that everything works properly.

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