Need More Living Space? Consider a Granny Flat


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they would do well to offer mum or dad a comfortable place to stay when they come to visit the grandkids, or when they grow old enough that having them nearby so that you can care for them is better than having to put them in a senior living facility. If you don’t have a mum or dad to put up in a granny flat, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a granny flat. It’s always nice to be able to welcome out-of-town visitors for a stay, whether it’s an old university roommate with a spouse, your own kids home on break from university, or some other family member or friend passing through on holiday. Every home ought to have a guest bedroom, and you may find your family already outgrowing your current house, so it may be time to expand your living space and put up a granny flat rather than building a home addition.

Sometimes You Just Need More Space

Chances are that sooner or later you are going to need more space in your home, and when that need arises, you are generally left with only two choices: either expand your space by building an addition on your current house, or sell your current house and purchase a larger one. Both options have potential drawbacks, one being that an addition means you may have to tear down one of your current exterior walls or modify an existing wall, which means you will temporarily lose space during construction, and another being that you may not want to move into another house because you don’t want to put your children in a new school or add to your daily commute. In some cases, it may just make more sense to build a one- or two-bedroom granny flat on your block rather than go through the frustrating process of knocking out walls, living with ongoing construction in your house, or finding both a buyer for your house and a seller who is listing a large enough home to meet your needs.

Cost Benefits to Think About

If you need to offer more living space to your growing family, perhaps so that your recent university student can have his or her own living space with a kitchen and bathroom, or if you want the extra space to give granny a place to live, a granny flat could be a more cost-effective solution than the alternatives.The cost of granny flats in Perth are reasonable compared to the cost of putting on an addition or buying a larger home. Not to mention that when you build a new granny flat, you can do so utilising energy-efficient materials and construction methods to reduce your overall energy needs in the future.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to consider your options for building a granny flat on your block, you can get the process started by taking advantage of a free consultation with a professional sales consultant to review your ideas, sketches, budget, and an approximate price range. If you agree to proceed, your project will move to the design, engineering, and submittal phase, while a detailed quote is prepared and a contract is drawn up. Upon the contract signing, engineering and construction approvals, and other approvals required by local codes, construction can begin. Following construction and inspection, your completed project will be turned over to you as the proud owner of a modern, energy-efficient granny flat.

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