Planning to Refurbish Your Kitchen or Bedroom? Make Sure You Pick a Reputable Design Team


As you contemplate the seemingly infinite number of home improvement projects available in nowadays, it’s important to ascertain the most impactful augmentations in terms of bolstering your home’s resale value and reinforcing its curb appeal, especially if you’d like to get the most bang for your proverbial buck. With this notion in mind, take a look at some of the facts and figures shown below:

  • Over 90% of real estate agents state that a new kitchen or remodelled bedroom make for an “easier and quicker sale”.
  • Over 50% of prospective homebuyers believe that a new-age kitchen or bedroom is “worth paying a higher price for”.
  • Homeowners can recoup over 80% of the initial installation cost of a new kitchen by way of increased home value.
  • A modernised bedroom can add thousands to a home’s value, oftentimes allowing homeowners to recover up to 75% of the upfront remodelling costs.

As you might imagine, remodelling your kitchen and/or bedroom is the perfect way to not only boost your home’s intrinsic value, but also establish a brand new aura and atmosphere around the property.

So if you happen to be interested in enacting this type of upgrade in the near future, feel free to use this brief exposé as an introductory guide to understanding the hallmarks and calling cards of a reputable installation and design company. Such invaluable information will help you make a great hire for your upcoming project.

Kitchen and Bedroom Specialisation

Many contractors claim to have the expertise and know-how to perform full-scale kitchen or bedroom renovations, but only the most reputable organisations, such as Elite Kitchens and Bedrooms, are able to facilitate top-to-bottom home improvement projects in an expedited, cost-effective manner without having to outsource any of the work to a third party.

So if you’d like to avoid the detriments associated with hiring a novice contractor or newly incorporated firm, you’ll want to make sure your shortlist is comprised only of companies that can perform the following tasks on an in-house basis:

  • Comprehensive design consultations
  • Personalised fabrications and construction
  • Inclusive electrical and wiring work
  • Plumbing assemblies, repairs, and augmentations
  • Implementation of tiling solutions, floors, and interior overlays
  • Hand-built and hand-painted cabinets, cupboards, islands, and more

The Company Website

Above all else, the most distinguished home improvement companies pride themselves on informing, educating, and enlightening through their online portals as opposed to selling, peddling, and marketing. As such, you’ll want to keep a keen eye on the following aspects during your internet research:

  • Full list of in-house specialisations and proficiencies.
  • Comprehensive “About Us” section.
  • Easily accessible “Book a Viewing” platform for local showroom openings.
  • User-friendly channels of communication, such as a dedicated telephone hotline, fax number, corporate e-mail, or online request form.
  • Inclusive portfolio of all past projects, designs, and undertakings.
  • Client testimonials and first-hand accounts showcased directly on the homepage.
  • Active social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, allowing potential clients to reach out in a non-intrusive, no-pressure manner.

There you have it; your very own personal home improvement checklist! Be sure to refer to this article as you begin vetting the local landscape, for it will help you stay on track and make a great final hiring decision.

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