Reinvent Your Home with Quality Carpet


Replacing your current carpets can be a big investment but it is often the best thing that you can do for your home whenever you want to give it a new image and improve its valuation. Not only this, but you could significantly improve the health of those in the house by removing an old carpet full of allergens and potentially mould and mildew that can hide beneath the surface. The benefits of replacing your carpet will quickly add up and the cost of this option over options such as hardwood or concrete is much more cost-effective.

Improved Health

If you currently move your furniture around to cover up a stain or two, this alone should be enough to warrant a replacement carpet, but you risk your health and the health of anyone else in the home if you notice an odour. Stains with an accompanying odour indicate that there is mould or mildew present within the deeper layers of the carpet below the stain and these growths can cause anything from allergic reactions to severe upper respiratory infections. Mould and mildew are exceptionally difficult to get out of the deep layers of carpet without placing a large investment into a specialised cleaning crew, making the choice to replace your carpet the most cost-effective and healthy option.


In addition to mould and mildew, carpets will begin to gather allergens over time simply because they are being used over time by the residents. Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris may not be easily taken up with the use of a vacuum, even if you utilise one considered to be highly powered, and the simple act of walking over the carpet could send these particles into the air to cause allergic reactions for those in the property. If you or a family member is currently suffering from severe allergy symptoms when inside your home, it may very well be time to consider new Mayfield carpets in Brighton as an option.

Wear and Tear

Carpets are not meant to last forever and it could simply be that years of walking, sitting, scooting, and more have worn yours out and caused a wide range of problems. Fading, tears, thinning, and other problems may develop over the years and these are the most obvious signs that there is a problem worth calling on an expert for a solution. New, durable carpet options could help you better insulate your home, provide greater comfort for the feet, and completely improve the aesthetic of your property.

Styles and Colour

Today, there are more colours, styles, and types of carpet available than you could look through in a single day and this is perfect if you have a specific type of personal taste. No matter if you want something bold and exciting or simple and plain, you can truly make your home in your own image by choosing something that you love. Not only will the valuation of your home increase but those visiting will have much to say in regards to its beauty.

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