The Benefits of Glass Tables and Countertops


Glass countertops and tables have been growing in popularity for homes. There is one simple reason for that: they’re great. A glass table or countertop offers you unique opportunities that no other material offers you. The largest drawback to glass is its fragility; it’s often very easy to break glass accidentally. Once broken, it becomes a serious safety hazard. The new glass that is produced by skilled glaziers, though, doesn’t break very easily. If you buy glass for a furniture purpose from a respected supplier, you should feel confident it will look great and not break easily.


One of the biggest benefits of glass is how easy it is to clean. Cleaning a glass countertop or table is as simple as wiping away any dry dirt and then cleaning up any spills with a damp towel. Since glass is nonporous, it does not absorb spills or messes. Kent glaziers can give you a little more insight into effectively cleaning glass furniture. It’s very simple, though.

Design Options

Bespoke glass gives you the opportunity to turn many things into furniture that might not have been designed for that purpose. From a design perspective, that is very liberating. For example, you can affix a glass tabletop to a wooden barrel to create a unique coffee table. The glass won’t obscure the appearance of the barrel. Glass furniture also allows you to see what is in different cabinets or drawers. That could be a benefit from a design perspective as well as a purely practical matter.

Glass is easy to clean and easy to see through. That makes it uniquely suited for countertops or tables. It provides you with a set of features you can’t get anywhere else. If you are looking for a great piece of furniture, a great glazier can make one for you. You should seriously consider it.

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