Helpful Tips for Hiring the Right Painting Contractor


Have you noticed the exterior of your home looks a bit drab? Are you tired of the colour of the walls in your bedroom? If you are ready to apply a new coat of paint to your home, then it is important to hire the right professionals for the job. While it may seem like doing this job yourself is the best course of action, in most cases, this is simply not the case. There are many benefits of hiring the professionals.

However, even if you know that hiring someone to handle this is best, you may wonder who is right for the job. After all, there are more than a few residential painters in Perth to choose from. This means you have to take some time to narrow down the options. When you use the tips here you can easily find the right painting contractor for the job.

Compare Several Options

There are three basic ways to find painters. You can ask around, visit a local paint store and ask for recommendations, or go online. Regardless of how you find the contractors it is important to compare at least three different options, before you make a decision. If you come across an estimate that sounds too good to be true, chances are you need to start looking for someone else to handle the job.

Verify the Contractor’s Insurance and License

There are some areas that require a painter to have a license. There are others that don’t. Take the time to find out if the local area requires the painter to be licensed. In addition to proper licensing, you need to find a contractor that is insured. Insurance protects the homeowner if an accident or any type of damage occurs while they are handling the job.

Interview Several Painters

It is a good idea to find contractors who will visit your home and see the work you need done. Make sure that you give them a detailed list of all the things you want painted. This includes cabinets, walls, moulding, trim, etc. You also need to let them know everything that needs to be covered and protected while the work is being done. While the contractor is there it is also important to ask them a few questions, such as:

  • What type of paint are they going to use?
  • How many coats are going to be applied?
  • What type of equipment is used?
  • How long has the company been offering painting services?
  • Do you work with a regular staff or sub-contract the painters?

If you notice that the painter becomes defensive or doesn’t want to talk, then you may need to seek services elsewhere.

Don’t Settle for Less than the Best

When hiring a painter, you need someone who knows what they are doing. By using the tips here, you can easily find, and hire, that person. Don’t settle for someone that is going to sacrifice quality to get the job done faster. This is going to result in subpar results.

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