Most Annoying Household Chores


Pressures of modern life mean many people are working longer hours and have less leisure time. Fitting household chores into the little time you do have available can be a struggle. Modern appliances like dishwashers can help, but there are still some household chores you have to face up to with sheer hard work.

Getting every member of the family involved in chores is a good way to spread the workload. Safety is an important consideration of course, but there are lots of little jobs children can help with around the home. Responsible teenagers can help with the laundry and cooking, as well as keeping their own bedrooms tidy.

Taking out the trash is often at the top of the list of most annoying household chores. The secret is to do it regularly and not to let it build up. Encourage your family to recycle things where possible, and try to reduce the number of items going into the trash. Food waste and anything likely to smell or attract insects should be sealed in bags.

Some people enjoy working in the garden or yard, but there are several outdoor chores most would rather avoid. Sweeping leaves and taking care of a lawn can be relaxing, but heavier garden chores can be physically demanding. Cleaning leaves from drains and gutters usually requires ladders and special tools, and it’s worth considering clog-free gutters if this is a chore you struggle with. If leaves build up it can lead to leaks and expensive repairs.

Cleaning bathrooms and toilets is another annoying household chore. It can be satisfying to see a bathroom gleaming after a thorough clean, but it’s often difficult to motivate yourself to make a start. Family bathrooms are the toughest to keep clean, and all family members should help by rinsing the bath or shower after use and keeping spaces clutter free. Dirty clothes should be placed in the laundry basket, not on the floor! An all-purpose cleaner is effective for keeping baths, showers and toilets bacteria free, and vinegar and baking soda are useful for removing stains and build-ups of minerals.

Some people consider cooking to be a chore, but others enjoy it and see it as a way of relaxing. The popularity of television cookery shows has made spending time in the kitchen a popular pastime. Cleaning the dishes remains one of the most hated household chores, and the best solution is to buy a dishwasher!

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