How to Use New Furniture to Spruce up Your Living Room


Every now and again we all get bored with our surroundings. Some new decor to hang on the wall, some brightly colored curtains, or rearranging the furniture may offer a temporary fix. However, sometimes it is necessary to really change things up and hit that furniture store.

Usually the focal point in the living room is the seating. Seating can come in all different designs, including armchairs, love seats, sofas, and sectionals. Replacing your mode of seating can be an easy pick-me-up for your living room furniture. Get rid of those dingy once-white sofas and purchase a sectional sofa in a bright color! Not sure about the color change? Select a piece that offers many interchangeable slipcovers. Not only can you change up the coloring of the whole room in a matter of minutes, but you can also machine wash the slipcover (great for messy kids and pets)!

Another way to use new furniture to spruce up your living room is to buy a new accent piece. If you are too attached to your current sofas, simply buy some new throw pillows and/or a slipcover to spruce up the seating, but jump for a new coffee table. Your coffee table is wear you rest your feet after a long day or enjoy a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. Pick out a new piece that you love. Just this simple addition will draw eyes toward it; you (and others) will surely notice the change in the room.

I would also recommend purchasing a sectional in conjunction with building a do-it-yourself console table. Rearrange the room so one side of the sectional is alongside a wall. Create a console table effect by using a stained board of your choosing and brackets. This will simply set the sectional away from the wall by only a few inches, yet it will allow for more space. The console shelf can now house your lamps, decor and coasters. You can even place the sectional in the corner and run the shelf along both sides.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up a room in your home. With some creativity you can get away with simply buying a new accent piece to admire, or you can take the fun risk of tossing out the old and replacing all with the new! No project is too big or too small when it comes to your home.

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