Mold Growth- A Threat to unclean clothing dryer


A clean dryer vent is the path to better health, more machinery efficiency, saved time as well as energy all at once. Apart from these usual advantages attached to having a clean dryer vent or duct, the elimination of Mold issues is out of the blue but is true. What is the basic functioning of the vent system in a dryer? It is very simply, the vent’s job is just to exhaust out all the possible moistures that gets stored during the process of drying. An ideal vent meaning that which is clean and efficient will most definitely expel all moisture traces outdoor. In any case of failure to do this the vent can become a home for Molds due to the accumulated moisture. Thus, getting the vent cleaned with dryer vent cleaning fairfax va facilities on a regular basis is of vital concern.

Molds grow and spread fast. They particularly cause severe damage to the structure of the house. It is not just your property which is at risk due to this but it is also the health of you and your family members that is at stake. It is a scenario when mold grow inside the dryer vent. So, when the dryer is on and the vent is doing what it is supposed to do, i.e. carrying the hot air outside the house which is being obstructed by clogging, the air inside becomes unhealthy. It is through this hot air that mold spores are released into the in house environment that can potentially cause respiratory problems like uncomfortable allergies or asthma even. To prevent such health complications from appearing it is vital to contact a dryer vent cleaning fairfax va service provider who would conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of moisture build-up. Only after the inspection can the expert can suggest the best cleaning programs for the clothing dryer vent.

What are the Probable sources of Mold Growth in the vent?

The potential sources for the growth of Molds inside the dryer vent can be two. They are as follows:


Lint build up can definitely block the passageway of the dryer vent but, it can also be a reason for vent leaks as well mold growth. When the moisture finds it difficult to pass through, more than often it leaks out of the cracks or leaks of the vent. You know what this means, right? The mold growth is not just restricted to the insides of the vent but it grows out of the leaks as wells posing considerable amount of threat to the house structure. The molds conviniently7 then escape out of the vent line.


Clogging instances inside the vent can result in the moisture to be accumulated in the form of water pools inside the clothing vent dryer. This is how a mache is created to form sticking to the interior walls of the vent because this pool of water blends with the excess lint accumulation. This increases the clogs levels and there cannot be a better condition for molds to grow in.

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