4 Insanely Surprising Tips To Keep Tulips From Droop


Natural hues, beautiful appearance and captivating texture of art are one of the most magnificent qualities of tulips. It is such a bloom which is most loved by people. Moreover, it is prominently baptized as ‘the beauty from bulbs’ as you can regrow the blossom from it.

Say you seek to buy large decorative vases online for planting plump tulip bulbs and kept it on a sunny day. After few days, when it will grow, there are high chances it would refrain from standing upright in your vase. How disheartening would it look? If you don’t wish to break your heart when your flower starts bending, then explore this piece of writing which would guide you to the correct way.

Initiate with Fresh

First of all, you need to ensure that you kick off planting thing with new, crisp blossom. When you start with fresh one, there is nothing that can stop you from relishing its beauty. Whereas, if you acquire an old tulip, then it is evident that it would start bending after some time.

For gaining better knowledge for judging whether it is fresh or not then, checking its stem would reflect you with a bright idea. If it is bright green that brings brisk feel, then it is newest one.

Appropriate Storing

Flowers do stand on their stem. Especially if it is tulip which has thin stems; then it becomes imperative to look for its support. And a vase which is specifically designed for storing it serves the purpose efficiently.

When you store tulips at an appropriate place with the correct amount of care, then there is nothing that can refrain you from making it stand upright. For this purpose, you can browse through royaldutchceramics.com, which is an online store that offers a broad range of ceramic vases.

Hydrate Sufficiently

As soon you bring in fresh cut tulips, store them in water. It feeds the blossom that grows out elegance and grace by some period.

If you bought it with plastic wrapped around its stems, then keep it that way for overnight in the water. This way you can ensure that tulip stands upright when fed with water sufficiently. Doing so, see to it that no splash of water touches bloom that would result in reducing its capability for untimely molding.

After few days when tulip grows in the water, give them regular snips. It would help you to keep blooms fresh for longer period.

Diffused Light

It is evident that water and natural sunlight are essential for growth of flowers. For avoiding drooping of tulips, this necessity is a bit modified. Undoubtedly, it requires sunlight, but direct light on it for hours can lead to bending of it from the stems. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your vase out of the direct luminescence and protect it from turning. If you change its position within several times a day, then you may increase vase-life of it.

Final Notion

Whether you are making tulips ready for bedecking your wedding ceremony or incorporating the beauty to your home decor, no one would adore its drooping anyway. For this purpose, ensure you keep in mind all these tricks mentioned above and preserve the beauty and freshness for a protracted period. Moreover, you can contemplate some of these points even for other delicate blossoms you love to increase their life.

However, these points would aid you to prevent its significant bending. But, it is quite obvious that one day it would start aging and droop over again. So, accept the fact and embrace its drooping which is inevitable. The elegant and graceful curves of the stem add beauty to the blossom.

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