Just Moved Into an Old Home? Get Your Wiring Checked Out


Heritage listed and older homes can be wonderful places to live. They have plenty of character and history, but they can also be full of problems. Many a homeowner has moved into an older residence thinking that everything will be OK, only to find that they need to spend thousands of dollars on having things fixed or replaced. One thing that many people tend to forget in old buildings is the electrical wiring.

Why Check the Wiring?

The lights may switch on and the TV you’ve just plugged into the wall outlet may work, but how do you know that the electrical wiring in your newly acquired older residence is working properly? How safe do you think it is?

Electrical methods, installation requirements, regulations, and hardware have changed a lot over the decades. While everything in your home might seem to be working just fine, the electrical wiring in the walls may be less than perfect.

The trouble is that old wires do wear out—the insulation becomes brittle, the copper ages, and the whole electrical network can quickly become a real danger. Many homeowners have found that old wall outlets are either loose, cracked, or damaged in some way. This is real cause for alarm, and it is at this point that one should contact professional electrical services in Osborne Park to come and take a good look and evaluate what needs to be fixed.

Having An Electrician Evaluate Your Home’s Wiring

Whether you have just moved into an old home, an office, or any other building where electrical wiring could be or is an issue, it’s best to call out the experts. Here are some things that require an electrician to come out and have a look:

  • Loose or damaged wall outlets that are clearly dangerous.
  • Wiring sticking out of a wall, an outlet, or from a light fitting.
  • Any wiring that looks old and brittle, or has otherwise become dangerous.
  • Wiring that has damaged insulation or has exposed copper.
  • Dimming of lights or interference with other electrical appliances when other things are plugged in or switched on.
  • An old electrical box where fuses are still in use.

A qualified electrician can come out and evaluate all of these problems and repair them. They will effectively modernise the electrical wiring in your building, remove and replace hazardous outlets and wiring, and modernise and even replace the older electrical box.

It is always important that electrical wiring in a building remains as up to date as possible, because rules and regulations have changed so much over the years. Doing this will increase the level of electrical safety in and around the building and help to minimise the risks to health.

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