Maintaining Your Bespoke Doors


If you have uncommon door frames or just a particular type of taste, you need to make sure you are maintaining your doors in the best way possible. Doors need maintenance because they face constant use. They also need maintenance because the weather can seriously damage your doors.

Weather Damage

The type of door you have will determine what kind of damage it might sustain. A wooden door will swell and contract depending on the heat and humidity.

  • Heat and Humidity: The heat and humidity in your house as well as outside will affect the size of your door. These are very minute changes, but they can affect how well your door fits in the frame over time.
  • Window Damage: If you have windows in your door, the changes in the size of your door can greatly affect how well the window fits in the door.

If any weather damage occurs, you’ll need Barking door repairs from an expert.


It could be possible that you need to have your doors refinished over time. Constant sunlight can bleach the finish on a door, but a good coat of wax from time to time can prevent this. Rain and other weather hazards can also damage the finish on a door. Fortunately, it is a fairly quick fix to strip and refinish a door. Experts can strip and refinish just about any material.

You need to call an expert to help you maintain your door in the best way possible. It sets the look for your home’s entire facade.

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