Add a Style Statement to Your Living Space with Dual Head Ceiling fans


Living space is the place where one finds that Zen after a tiring and hectic day. No one wants it to be untidy, unclean or confined. Hence lot of tricks and ideas are applied to create a dream home. Different hues, innovative furniture, different types of lights, and cooling and heating appliances are used to enhance the beauty and comfort of a house.

Ceiling fans are one of the greatest appliances that adds to the beauty and comfort of a room. It’s a source of coolness that comes in different sizes, styles, quality and uses. Not only does a ceiling fan add to your interiors but it also helps in saving energy.

Ceiling fans have evolved a lot and are still evolving. One of the interesting types is dual head fans. Dual head ceiling fans, double motor ceiling fans, or twin ceiling fans are the new age fans that come in different finishes, colors, and designs. They are designed in such a way that they cool the room faster than the traditional ones. They make less noise and work more due to high power dual motors.

The blades in a dual head fan are attached to both the heads of the fan, making it more efficient and capable of providing twice the amount of air. The blades are placed on each head facing in the opposite directions. Such fans can be installed indoors as well as outdoors to get that calm, cool and airy ambience. Homeowners can choose their type of fans to complement their homes.

Ever since Minka Aire Fan Company came up with dual head ceiling fans in the market, many other popular brands have come up with their own versions. They are available with or without lights that helps in cooling as well as illuminating the rooms. These fans come with additional features like UL wet and damp listed and with remote control.

They are normally very useful for big living rooms and for multiple applications. They are creatively made with balance in motors to give a quiet and smooth operation that is normally not found in single headed ceiling fans. Shades like oil rubbed bronze finish, brushed nickel, white, and bronze look great in rooms and patios distributing even air flow throughout.

Some of these fans have features that help in distributing air as per your requirements and in different angles with strategic use of motors that can be tilted to move air. Some have oscillating motors, meaning that they turn side to side providing air in all the directions.

There is a wide variety of dual ceiling fans sold by reputed websites like The demand for this type of fans is on the rise due to their distinctive features. Fanimation, Traditional Gyro, Matthews Duplo-Dinamico, Minka Aire, Emerson, TroposAir, Metropolitan and many other popular brands have dual head ceiling fans in their bouquet of offerings. Since they come in different shapes and designs, you can use them in almost any type of home décor.

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