Choosing a Paint for Your Kitchen


Whilst the selection of a colour is important in choosing a paint, you also need to consider the texture. Therefore, the colour and finish are equally important. Because the kitchen is normally a high-traffic area, you want to choose a paint with finish that can withstand some abuse.

If you need a quick refresher on paint finishes, paints come in the following finishes:

  • A flat finish is a matte finish and therefore is more difficult to clean; this is not the type of paint that you want to apply to kitchen walls.
  • A satin finish is a type of eggshell finish; however, the texture reveals a bit more sheen. When used in a kitchen environment, the finish will look silky, soft, and somewhat glistening.
  • A semi-gloss finish, as the name suggests, has a moderate amount of gloss and imparts a sheen that is about 50% glossier than a satin finish. It also reflects light, but not to the point where it is distracting. Because of the higher content of gloss, this finish is a superb choice for a kitchen wall. Not only can it easily be cleaned but a semi-gloss finish is resilient as well.

Many specialists who provide Avon painting and decorating supplies recommend semi-gloss paints to colour a kitchen backsplash. Perhaps the only downside of using a satin or semi-gloss finish is the paint’s tendency to show off any crease, crack, or flaw on a wall. Therefore, if you live in an older home with walls that are not exactly smooth and free of imperfections, you will want to keep this in mind. You will need to take extra time in preparing the wall for painting.

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