So Many Good Reasons to Choose Bay Windows


Contrary to what some people may believe, bay windows get the name from the space created inside the room rather than from their use on or near the waterfront. To create this space, the window frame and glass project out from the main wall of the building. The term is also generic in that it can apply to all projecting windows of any height. The bay window can also be constructed with various inside angles.

There are a few distinct types of bay window, including the oriel supported by a bracket or corbel beneath the horizontal surface. These windows are often ornamental, almost an enhancement to the structure rather than actually appearing to be a part of it. This design was very popular in the late 1800s and into the 1900s. That popularity continues today as many people choose them to add natural light to the interior and give the exterior of the building a unique appearance.

Why Choose Bay Windows?

As mentioned, many homeowners, architects, and designers select the bay style to give a room added dimension. A well-placed window can make the room feel much larger. In addition, people inside enjoy an expanded view and may even use the space as a sitting area or breakfast nook. This latter use is enhanced by the installation of bench seating that affords a fine view of the outdoors.

If you’ve considered having bay windows in Scotland, you have access to suppliers that offer windows in varying styles and colours and with outstanding hardware selections. There will generally be a design that will work with the style of your home. In addition to enhancing the look of your home, you add value when you use custom-built bay or bow windows to create the angle or arch that you desire. Of course, you’re doing your part to increase the natural light coming into your home, which is a great idea if there is an area that can use some “brightening.”

When you improve natural light, you are usually helping to reduce energy costs as the added warmth of the sun can change the interior temperature. If you’ve been looking for a way to brighten a space that was recently painted, you can depend on the added light from a bay window to make this difference. You’ll also find that there can be health benefits from having this extra natural light. Think of it – a bay window can be part of your health program.

Value, Appearance

As you consider having bay windows installed on your home, you should give some thought to the improved appearance of the exterior and the added value that new windows deliver. When someone drives by or walks by your home, he or she will probably take note of the new addition. If someone is viewing your home with intent to purchase, you can be sure that new bay windows will enhance the property value.

This may be the perfect choice if you’re renovating and need to fill a large space left when you remove old windows. Rather than re-install a double or triple set of flat windows, why not think “bay”?

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