How to Properly Load a Skip


Skips come in several different sizes, ranging from very small skips to skips large enough to pack up an entire office building. If you are doing a remodel or a demolition, you could need a skip. However, you might not know what size skip you need. Fortunately, there are some great summaries available for how to choose a skip.

Essentially, you should pick a skip based on what you intend to move. If you intend to throw out a lot of appliances and furniture, you’ll need something closer to a builder’s skip. If you’re just doing some cleaning, then a midi might work. You should ask professionals about that.

Once you’ve gotten a skip though, you need to know how to load it. Correctly loading your skip saves you space and a lot of headaches. Here are some SE14 skip hire and rubbish clearance guidelines.

One Mattress

Mattresses are notoriously difficult to load and control in a skip. You should only be throwing out one mattress and only if the skip hire professionals say that you should. There are exceptions in which they might allow you to throw out a few more mattresses.

It’s important that the mattress be on top, though, as they are unwieldy and large. If they are on the top, they take up the least amount of space.

Brush on Bottom

If you’re cleaning up your garden, your garden refuse needs to be on the bottom of the skip. Garden waste is easily compressed by the weight of heavier items. That will save you a lot of space as you continue to load it.

Smaller Items Last

Smaller items such as standard trash and small bags of trash should go last. It can slip between the different appliances that you’ve thrown away and fill up the crevices between them. That will save you space and increase your efficiency.


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