Choosing the Best Roofing Material for Your Home


As the protective coating for your home, your roof is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your property. As such, choosing a roofing material for your new-build is a decision which requires careful consideration. As well as the cost of the roofing material, its properties and benefits should be taken into account. Here, we will take a look at some of the best roofing materials available for homes.


Slate is one of the best roofing materials available, and the fact that it has been utilised in home building for thousands of years is testament to this. It is a highly durable material that is capable of lasting a lifetime due to its ability to withstand the ravages of weathering and time. In addition, it is fire resistant, making it a very safe option for protecting your home. On top of this, slate’s natural properties make it very aesthetically pleasing, as it is able to fit in well with the look of almost any property. As a natural product, it is also the most environmentally friendly options for roofing your home. If you are thinking of installing a slate roof in Sydney then there are specialist services available who are experienced with a whole range slate roofing styles. Although slate may not be the cheapest option on the market, its resilience and durability makes it a sound investment as it is less likely to need replacing or repairing as time goes on.


Asphalt shingles have historically been a very popular roofing option as a result of their affordability and effectiveness in protecting a property. However, their presence is dwindling as they are not as durable as many other roofing types. Although they provide good fire resistance, shingles must be replaced regularly – especially in warmer climates. They are not very weather-resistant and can easily suffer damage as a result of high winds, extreme temperatures and mould. This makes them somewhat of a false investment as they end up costing more over a lifetime than other more expensive materials. They are also not very kind on the environment, which puts many people off nowadays.


Wood has long been a popular roofing material due to its natural aesthetic. Wooden roofing can be treated in order to make it weather and fire resistant, which often means that it can last longer than asphalt roofing. As a recyclable material, it is also more environmentally friendly. However, untreated wood can be dangerous in areas prone to wildfires and is even banned in some areas. In addition, it is usually expensive to repair any damages to wood roofing.


Metal presents an eco-friendly and durable roofing option and can be manipulated into many different looks and styles. Its reflective qualities have the ability to keep your home cool and reduce your electricity bills. Although it is relatively high cost to install, metal roofing can last for many years which usually makes it a sound investment.

When choosing your roofing type, it is important to consider the long-term. Although some materials may require a lower initial investment, they will often end up costing you more in the long run, so it may be best to fork out for more a durable roofing option in the first place.

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