Add to Your Home with a Reputable Builder


There are times when families outgrow their homes. Sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is the addition of a bathroom or bedroom. A professional builder can help you design the perfect space for more kids, grandma, or entertaining. Room additions can often be added to the ground floor of a home with minimal upheaval. It is worth the effort for everyone to have their own space.


Kids often share rooms when they are little, yet they need more space when they grow. You may also be expecting another baby and want to make sure there is enough space. This may mean the addition of an entire bedroom, a nursery attached to the master, or a general play area for the kids. There are many ways to accommodate a large family.

  • Game room for kids play
  • A nursery with access to the master bedroom
  • An entirely new bedroom


Many children are fortunate enough to have their grandparents living in the home. This allows a safe place for aging grandparents while nurturing a relationship with the kids. Special accommodations can be made by local builders in Harrogate. An extra bedroom, handicap bathroom, or an entire suite can be added to your home. This space may be taken out of your backyard or garage.

It can be a joy to have a large family. The family home, however, often needs to be adjusted for everyone to fit properly. There is no need to move and start over when there are quality builders available. You can stay in the house that you love and have the space that you need.



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