Essential Tips for Healthy Trees


Having trees in or around your garden can make for a beautiful addition to your home. They can improve air quality and provide shade during the summer months. The shadow that they offer can even reduce your electric bills as it can significantly limit the amount of air conditioning needed. Trees can also provide shelter for your home in bad weather. However, they can also present a danger if they are no cared for properly. A tree which has become diseased or structurally unsound is in danger of falling and damaging your home and property, or even worse – those walking by. It is often difficult to tell when a tree is in trouble until it is too late, which is why it is important for you to do your best to maintain healthy trees close to your home. Here are some essential tips for maintaining healthy trees.


Pruning your trees is one of the best ways that you can ensure their ongoing health. Whilst some small-scale pruning can be done yourself, bigger jobs or taller trees may require the help of professionals. There are tree services in Northern Beaches who can provide anything from trimming and pruning to clearing and other general maintenance. You should remove any dead or decaying branches to prevent the spread of disease and to avoid them falling and causing a danger below.


For young trees, mulching is an essential way to encourage healthy growth. You should place a mulch on the surface of the soil below your tree to increase the oxygen and water levels and to improve the structure of the soil itself. Mulch can also prevent weeds from growing near your trees and damaging them.


Another way in which you can encourage growth and ensure the good health of your trees is to fertilise them regularly when they are growing. This gives them the helping hand and nourishment they need to grow tall and strong.


If you or your neighbours are undertaking any construction projects either on your house or garden, it is important to consider whether your trees might be affected. Tree roots often spread far wider than the tree canopy itself, so you should always take caution when digging. Any damage done to the roots can be disastrous as it may lead to structural issues or even the death of the tree.


Likewise, it is easy to forget about roots when mowing your lawn. You should always give your trees a wide-berth when mowing to avoid nicking the roots or the bark. This is why many people opt for mulching around the base of their trees rather than grass, as it allows them to steer clear of mowing in this delicate area.


It is important to keep a close eye on your trees and inspect them regularly for any changes or abnormalities. This way, you will hopefully be able to spot any damage, decay or infestation before it’s too late.

By keeping on top of tree maintenance and being vigilant of any changes, you can be sure to sustain healthy and happy trees.

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