Types of Security Cameras and Differences between them


In the age of high-end technology, security camera manufacturing companies are creating modern-style devices that can be used for indoor and outdoor locations. Advances in video and wireless technology have made video and images look much easier and in high resolution. Not only you can beef up the security of your space, but also select modern-style systems that can deliver quality results.

From surveillance camera for home security to Wi-Fi enabled office cameras, you’ll find a wide range of options available at bestwirelesssecuritycamera.com and you have to choose from them. These cameras are enabled with high-end features, giving crisp video clarity in night vision and remote monitoring from smartphone and laptop.

We bring the list of security system cameras for indoors and outdoors to choose from.

Indoor Cameras:

Be it for home or office indoors area, these interior cameras cover wider view of the space. The indoor cameras also come in the form of the Dome, which can carry 360 degree coverage of the area. Then there is a fixed lens that focuses permanently on specific areas capturing the events happening. These indoor cameras are easy to use and monitor the area.

Outdoor Cameras:

These cameras are weather-resistant and are durable. These cameras are installed in public areas to keep an eye over unlawful activities taking place. Some of the types are remote pan, infrared night vision, motion detection and wireless connectivity. You can even place the outdoor camera at the gate of your house to avoid any uninvited entry. Many public places which are high-security areas require constant surveillance to avoid any kind of insecurity activity and keep the area under law and order.

Bullet Cameras:

This bullet shaped camera can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in both indoor and outdoor areas. Covering a specific area of the space, it can go unnoticed and is the best use to keep the area secured against robbery.

Wireless Technology:

If you’re looking for a surveillance camera for home security or any such space, then check for the wireless technology. If you don’t like wires hanging around your wall, then this type of surveillance camera is the best to go for. It is portable enough to set up at the indoor and outdoor areas. These wireless technology cameras are modern style devices, bringing down the pain of wiring and other install headaches.

Motion Detector Cameras:

This type of camera contains a motion detection feature where the device awaits for any activity only after which it starts recording it. The best part is the device saves hours of DVR storage space. Such cameras are generally used in offices.

These video camera systems are flexible in use going beyond mere security monitoring system. Couples with remote monitoring and Wi-Fi features, you can install these cameras to verify visitors and give them the access to your home.

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