Electric Fires Are Featured in a Number of Styles


One of the popular products in the UK are electric fires. This type of fireplace is well-liked as it adds to the cosiness of a home as well as keeps its occupants warm. If you are interested in electric fires, they come in freestanding versions, as insets, or as fire suites. You can also find designs that can be mounted to the wall.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Available styles also include hearth-mounted, hole-in-the-wall, and glass-fronted designs. Therefore, you can find just the right fireplace to match the architectural décor of your home. Indeed, you will like the low-maintenance aspect of an electric fire as it does not produce fumes, ash, or residue such as chimney soot. Because you do not burn wood in the fireplace, your maintenance requirements are reduced. Both fireplace and chimney cleaning are avoided. All you need to do is switch on the fire when you wish; it is as simple as that.

Comparing the Different Styles and Costs

When compared to other fireplaces, an electric fire is lower in cost. The initial investment in owning one of these installations or additions is much lower than other fireplaces. You also do not have to factor in chimney cleaning services. Nor do you need to buy firewood. Therefore, the cost-efficiency is tremendous, saving you a good deal of money over time.

When you choose a modern wall-mounted unit or a cast iron electric fire in Yorkshire, you will find that the fireplace is energy-efficient. This factor in and of itself is appreciated by Britons whose heating systems can work overtime during the winter months. However, when you have an electric fire installed, you do not have to worry about excessive energy bills. That is because an electric fire provides supplemental heating. The fire is used to heat the room, thereby keeping an interior at a comfortable temperature for less money.

Supplemental Heat

Whilst you can choose from a number of types of fireplaces for supplemental heat, the electric fireplace is a top-ranked product. An electric fire will use less energy than the main heating system in a home. As a result, you can keep an often-used space warm and inviting throughout the winter months.

If you choose this type of installation, you do not necessarily have to knock out a wall or perform any type of extensive remodelling. In most cases, you only need to plug in the fireplace. That is why this type of fireplace is frequently used in smaller homes or flats.

Any installation that is facilitated depends on the style of the fireplace. Whilst some electric fires can stand on their own, others can be wall-mounted to optimise floor space. A wall-mounted unit can complement a room that features an entertainment centre.

Whatever style you choose, you will be pleased with the warmth and ambiance that this type of fireplace provides in your home or business space. You can find out more about this type of device by looking at the variety of styles online.


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