How To Operate and Maintain a whole house Fan?


A whole house fan (check more about this at best whole house fans site) can serve as an excellent alternative for an air-conditioning system in your home, and it’s a particularly viable option for anyone who’s looking to cut down on their energy bills. These fans are easy to use, and if you manage to install them properly, you’ll have ample access to the dials and the operating switch. When you start using these fans, you’ll also realize that they need minimum maintenance. Also, since they are usually installed in well-insulated attic spaces, you won’t have to work on them as frequently as with other conventional cooling systems. That being said, there are many people out there who are not really comfortable with using these fans since they aren’t well versed with the nitty gritties. So in the following section, I’ll give you a detailed insight on everything you wanted to know about operating whole house fans.

Using your whole house fan

The first thing that you have to do in terms of operating your fan is find your control box. This box is pretty small and it looks like a thermostat that is mounted to your wall. Once you locate this thermostat, dial the ‘cool’ setting and choose your preferred level of cooling. While some control boxes come with a digital thermostat, others have a circular, slide-based control. Turn this slide or press the small buttons on the thermostat to choose the level of setting you want. Once you do this, you’re good to go!

Remember, before using the whole house fan always make it a point to run it during the warm hours throughout the day. So you can start from late morning that can last till late afternoon. Finally, switch this fan off by turning off the slide or by pressing the ‘off’ switch on your control box.

Things to keep in mind

Before you start operating your whole house fan, it is really important to open your windows. Try opening several windows all at once because they’ll help in ventilating both the top and the bottom levels. I am particularly recommending you to open these windows before operating the fan because once you do that, you inadvertently ensure that the fan motor doesn’t have unnecessary stress. Likewise, it also ensures that you don’t get into a back-draft situation that can bring exhaust in your homes from combustible appliances like water heaters.

After this, follow the pre-mentioned instructions and dial your fan by either turning the dial on or moving the slide. Once you’re done, you can turn it off the same way by either sliding the controls or flipping a switch. In case your fan comes with a thermostat, always set it on after your home space reaches a particular level of temperature. This will further assist in keeping your home cool, all way round.

Maintaining your fan

Like I already mentioned, your whole house fan won’t need annual maintenance. According to trusted portals, your fan which is already equipped with oil ports for running the motor will need to be lubricated once in three years. On the other hand this fan won’t require any maintenance in the first place. While using them, try cleaning their shutters that open proper release to hot air right outside your home. On top of that, also clean the fan blades to ensure that they work properly over a long time. Both the blades and the shutters need cleaning and maintenance once in a few years. This ensures that the dust and grime are properly removed.

Final Thoughts

Follow these instructions carefully to use your whole house fan to its full potential without any possibilities of inconsistencies in the long run.

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