Do You Need Roofline Services


When you speak to a roofer, he can offer more than a new roof. He can also resolve any roofline issues you may have. Roofline services makes it easy for homeowners to keep on top of any problems originating from faulty facia boards or gutters.

Some of the Featured Roofline Services

By offering roofline services, a roofer is equipped to do the following:

  • Fit and replace gutters and downpipes. Roofers identify any current or possible issues with the guttering or downpipes, and, if necessary, rerun them to increase their removal capacity when it rains.
  • Check and replace fascias and soffits. The roofline features boards that run along the roof’s bottom edge, where it meets the walls. While this part of the roofline is often overlooked, it does protect the masonry or framework from inclement weather. In fact, this is the area where leaks frequently occur. Therefore, fascias and soffits should be inspected regularly.

Replacing the Fascias–What You Should Know

According to professionals at one roofing company in Windsor, wood fascias are often prone to rotting. Therefore, they are often replaced with fascias that are made with uPVC. In some cases, the fascias are replaced with treated wood that has been weatherproofed.

Call for an Inspection Today

Do you need roofline services? If you have not had your roof inspected in a while, you need to contact a roofer today to have the roofline and roof inspected. By working with a company that offers all-inclusive services, you will keep your roof in better shape and free of leaks.

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