The Ways to Clear Drains


There are several different ways to clear the drains in your home or business. If you find that wastewater is not disappearing down your drains as quickly as it should, it could be that your drains are clogged. Your house plumbing tends to run from each fixture to recollect at a sewer main. If there is a problem that you find in multiple drains, then it is likely a problem with the sewer main. You’ll need professionals to help you clear the drain. They have several methods for clearing stubborn drains.


The Oxfordshire drain and sewer clearance experts will use one of multiple methods to clear your drains.

  • One of the most reliable ways to clear a drain is with a drain jet. A drain jet will spray water at very high speed into the pipes. The pressure of the water will hopefully clear out any obstruction.
  • Snaking is practically the opposite of jetting. With a snake, the experts will reach into the drain and pull out any obstruction.
  • Finally, if neither of those work, the drain will likely need to be replaced.

Drain Replacement

In the past, a drain had to be replaced by digging a massive trench. Now, the drains can be replaced by digging small holes in your yard. Drain experts will slip the new length of pipe into the first hole and pull the old pipe out of the second hole. The pipe can be replaced with minimal damage to your yard and minimal time spent without plumbing.


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