How to Become a Better Architect


Construction is a trade but architecture is an art form. Building a structure based on a design is a skill that many can achieve; however, designing the structure takes years of experience and practise. If you’re interested in becoming an architect or you’re already an architect and you’d like to take your career to the next level, you might find some of these strategies and solutions extremely useful for your growth as a designer and as a businessperson.

Grow Your Web Portfolio

If you have some great design and building experience, why not show it off? It’s very important for new clients to be able to understand that you have the experience and can handle any project that they’d like you to complete. One of the best ways to show that you have the skill and experience to design building projects that stand out is to create a portfolio on your website.

Your portfolio should include both floor plans for previous clients and completed projects. You can organise your photos by style if you want to or you can simply organise your designs by colours and project sizes. It’s very important not to overwhelm potential clients with too many pictures in your portfolio. Scrolling down a web page for hours can become burdensome.

However, if you don’t host enough pictures of finished work in your portfolio, you could risk appearing inexperienced and lacking in work. You need to find a balance between showcasing too many projects and not enough.

Visualise Your Designs

You might be able to see your designs in your head with clarity but you might not be able to realistically demonstrate the details of your project to your client. Fortunately, there are 3D image creators for clients to convey their ideas to their customers, allowing you to render your building projects, interior design ideas, and more. 3D rendering is a style of virtual design that allows architects such as yourself to portray your designs to your clients as if they are exploring the finished project. This kind of solution allows your clients to visualise your designs so that you can get them to sign off on the final project design or request changes.

Why is 3D rendering better than a sketch? It can be very hard for a person to fully imagine what the finished project will look like just by looking at a hand-drawn sketch. With a 3D rendering solution, you can actually walk your client through each room as if the structure has already been built. This solution helps your clients feel more comfortable with your design and it can act as an added customer service benefit that your client might not be able to receive from your competitors.

It’s easy to work with a 3D rendering company. First, you can send the company an email with a brief description of your project. Next, they will give you a free quote and can create a mockup of your design. This back-and-forth can continue until you’re content with the results and you can simply present the finished 3D design to your client once it’s completed.

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