Where To Look For Basement Finishing Ideas


The basement is a large, generally underused space beneath your home. In fact, many people never venture down into it or simply use it to store items and possibly do the laundry. It is the place in films that is the scariest part of the house; but it does not need to be! Although it will involve a financial outlay it is possible to convert this foreboding space into a bright, airy and beautiful addition to your home. The first step is to measure the space available and then consider what the best use of the space would be.

To assist in the early stages it is often advisable to acquire the services of a professional firm, such as Basement Finishing Company. This firm will help you to evaluate the space and confirm whether it has sufficient height and damp proofing to meet your needs. If it does not these factors can usually be addressed but you will need to allow additional funds for them. A professional firm like this will help you understand the options available and provide inspirations as to what you could do with the space. They will be able to share their experiences of which features are desirable and which will aid your intended use; you will need to balance the two criteria!

There are several other places which can provide inspiration ideas and help you to decide on the best layout and features for your basement finishing project. It is important to note that most basement finishing ideas will work regardless of the size of your basement; they simply need to be scaled to size:


The most obvious place to find basement finishing ideas is on the internet. By searching on this phrase you will find plenty of pictures demonstrating what others have done. You can then pick and choose features which you like to include in your own design. It is worth remembering what the intended use of your basement is for to ensure you do not get carried away with some of the ideas you see!


Almost every catalogue and glossy magazine you pick up will have pictures of houses and what people have done to the insides of their homes. These can provide you with a huge range of basement finishing ideas. Again, you will need to pick and choose the features you like the most and which fit with your needs.

Friends Houses

Your friends may have already undertaken basement renovations, or they may simply have a stunning room which you would like to add to your own home. By looking at what they have in their homes and how it works you will be able to get a range of ideas for your basement finishing project. It is worth noting that you should never copy a friend’s house exactly; this can lead to a very awkward moment!

Property for Sale

An unusual but valuable source of basement finishing ideas is to look at property which is currently for sale. These properties are often finished to a high standard and can be a great source of inspiration; especially if they have fitted something you had not previously considered!

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